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Start rejuvenating our cells!

Formulated by R&D veterans, Jencell™ is a mixture of essential nutrients with stem cells and antioxidants to preserve immunity, health and general wellbeing!


apple stem cell benefits
Apple stem cell

Apple stem cells are well-known for being VERY EFFECTIVE in skin recovery, premature aging, premature wrinkles.

BEST OF ALL it helps to protect the longevity of stem cells too!

grape stem cell benefits
Grape stem cell

The grape stem cell is well known for being effective against protecting skin epidermal cells against UV radiation!

It’s rich in antioxidants such as tannin and anthocyanin ( an anthocyanin food )!

sea buckthorn benefits
Sea Buckthorn Berry (CyanthOx™)

Sea buckthorn is being regarded as 1 of the strongest plant-based antioxidant with more than 190 bioactive nutrients.

It helps to revitalize skin by “quenching” oxidative stress and inflammation.

Apart from that, sea buckthorn can also help to boost and protect immune cells and has been consumed for more than 1300 years!

astaxanthin benefit

Did you know that natural astaxanthin is the KING OF ANTIOXIDANTS?

Jencell™ ( the astaxanthin supplement ) can help to strengthen the immune system and promote a healthy skin complexion!

ascorbic acid benefits
Ascorbic acid

Are you aware of the benefits of ascorbic acid for skin?

It’s actually a form of vitamin C too but it is HIGHLY POTENT IN ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITIES and it’s not just beneficial for the skin!


black pepper benefits

BioPerine® is famously known for being a TOP-NOTCH BIOAVAILABILITY ENHANCER!

Some of BioPerine® benefits include ENHANCING ABSORPTION OF NUTRIENTS that we intake by AT LEAST 30%!

BioPerine® can also help to ENHANCE VITAMIN C ABSORPTION BY AT LEAST 52.3%!


RM288 Buy Now Price (Price exclusive of SST/GST, retail price = RM299 )

Purchase this product now and earn 288 Points!

The true quality!


Formulated by veterans in R&D, Jencell™ is a botanical beverage of essential nutrients powder with Peach Powder(Ascorbic Acid), Apple and Grape Stem Cell, Astaxanthin, Sea Buckthorn extract(CyanthOx™), and BioPerine®.


It’s a refreshing beverage mix that tastes as great as its efficacy! These vetted ingredients are fabulous in their true form!


Combined with Jencell™’s proprietary blend, they more effectively feed and support our body’s cells especially people who need to enhance antioxidant defense, require skin renewal & regeneration, experiencing premature aging, have wrinkles and/or seeking to restore skin elasticity & firmness, want a healthier(glowing skin complexion)!


As you come to recognize the marvelous benefits of these gifted ingredients, there are no queries Jencell™ will be the go-to product for our lifestyle!


Start rejuvenating our cells with Jencell™ now!


15 packets per box
SIZE: 45 g (1.59 oz.)

  • Boosts body immune system!
  • Enhances antioxidant defense!
  • Promotes skin renewal & regeneration!
  • Helps in premature aging!
  • Improve wrinkles, skin elasticity & firmness!
  • Allow healthy glowing skin complexion!

Frequently Asked Questions

2 sachets per day, after any meal & before bedtime 🙂

Anybody is safe to consume it because these are just nutrients that humans are missing out on 🙂

Usually, anyone can consume it. Besides, even if you’re taking any kind of medications that are mentioned for quite some time, the human body system still requires these kinds of nutrients that we can’t intake via our meals and/or beverages 🙂

Most of the time, mixing supplements won’t cause any harm to your health but you won’t be able to identify which one works best for yourself 🙂

Don’t you think that pregnant women require even more nutrients whenever they are conceiving, which is the purpose why you/they have decided to consume nutrition/food supplements in the first place 🙂

Unfortunately, if you’re 18 years old and above, you’re most likely to benefit from it. But due to its nature of it which consists of nutrients and not medication, hence younger people can consume it too 🙂

It’s 99.99% made out of natural/organic ingredients which typically won’t cause harm to you 🙂

Oftentimes, it will take about 3 months to fully experience the benefits!  
1 very important factor that will affect the results too is if you’re disciplined enough or following our guidance thoroughly you’re likely to experience the benefits in less than 3 months!

Please refer to the “verifications page” for more information regarding the certifications JenesisLife have obtained 🙂

Our ingredients are sourced globally and manufactured in Malaysia 🙂

Food/nutritional supplements typically won’t cause side effects to the human body 🙂

Feel free to contact us for more details if your location is not within our shipping zone 🙂

No. The SST/GST predefined by governments will appear on the cart & checkout page including the invoice 🙂

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